Where does honeycomb calcite come from?
This form of calcite has only been found one place in the world: Utah, USA.

Is the mining process environmentally friendly?
Yes, it is. And we are proud that no part of the stone is wasted - even the chips and dust from the sculpting process are utilized.

Why haven't I seen this kind of stone before?
Honeycomb calcite is a newly discovered stone. Although man has not known about it for very long, it is actually about 150 to 200 million years old!

What can you make from the stone?
Candle covers, wine racks (which we call wine "rocks"), decorative slabs, wine chillers, crosses and angels, sculpture, counter tops, back splashes, shower enclosures, water features, etc.

How do I light it up?
You can use tea lights, votive candles or electric lights (such as a string of Christmas lights or an electric base), LED's, or sunshine.

The 2" diameter cylinders will fit a tea light perfectly, and the larger cylinders will hold larger candles. Be sure to put your candles on something fire resistant, such as a slab of honeycomb calcite, a mirror, candleholder, or sconce.

Will it melt?
No. Honeycomb calcite is 100% natural stone, so it will never melt. It will get hot from candles, but the heat will not hurt the stone. Just watch your fingers!

What if my cylinder gets black candle soot inside?
No problem. Just wipe it out with a paper towel and glass cleaner, or wash it with dish soap. Even though the calcite feels like it has been waxed or coated with polish, there is nothing on it. No upkeep required!

How much does it weigh?
Honeycomb calcite weighs around 192 pounds per cubic foot. Concrete weighs a mere 145 pounds per cubic foot, and granite weighs around 180 pounds.

Do you ship?
Yes, we will ship anywhere. Online orders can only be shipped in the continental United States.  Just call or email us if you need to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or International and we will give you a shipping quote.  All shipments are insured. Average delivery is 5-10 days. For US orders, shipping cost is generally $18.00 up to $100 of merchandise.  Shipping is approximately 20% on orders over $100.  International shipping costs are based on box size, weight, and destination.  Please call us or email us for international shipping information. 

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes. Gift certificates are available in $25 denominations, and are valid for one full year from the date on the certificate. Gift certificates are only redeemable in store or by mail. At this time, gift certificates can not be used for online purchases.  You can call or email us for an order using a gift certificate.  Redemption instructions are printed on the back of each certificate.

How do I place an order?
Purchase from our online store, Email us at sales@itsaglow.com, or call the store directly at 210.444.AGLO [210.444.2456]. We look forward to hearing from you!