Slabs & Light Bases

We recommend putting your cylinder on something fire resistant to protect your furniture from hot tea lights, such as a slab of honeycomb calcite. Slabs also make great serving pieces. Chill your slab in your refrigerator or freezer and use for serving anything you want to keep cold (i.e. cheeses, fruit, sushi, etc).

We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses of calcite slabs, starting at $4.75.

Or turn your cylinder into a lamp! Choose an electric light base with one nightlight bulb or three nightlight bulbs. The base is a slab of honeycomb calcite with clear rubber feet and a 6′ electric cord with rotary style on/off switch. Photo on right.

We also offer custom laser etching on slabs AND on cylinders. Imagine your favorite quote, your logo, a commemorative plaque, a wedding present, an award, a corporate gift…the possibilities are endless! Call or email for more info.

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